Alexander Bolte

Multiskilled, experienced IT Consultant and Software Developer, specializing in the areas around Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Key qualification is the ability to dive to the root-cause of a problem and get it solved in a quick manner.

This is mixed with very good communication skills and the ability to coordinate people.

PDF - Lebenslauf-Profile-CV-IAM-2020.pdf

Word - Lebenslauf-Profile-CV-IAM-2020.docx


Alexander Bolte

Year of Birth




IT / Project Experience

more than 10 years, since 2009


worldwide, preferably in Frankfurt

Industry Experience

Finance / Banking


Consumer Goods


Chemical Industry 

Electrical Engineering



Language Level
German mother tongue
English business fluent


Diploma in Business Data Processing

(In German: Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker FH)

Project Experience - 10 Years

Software Development (since 2009)

Reporting (since 2009)

Operating (since 2010)

Testing, Test- and Defect-Management (since 2011)

Application Management (since 2010)

IT Consulting, Business Analysis, Project- and Requirements-Management (since 2009)

IT Identity and Access Governance (since 2013)

IT-Support (since 2010)

SAP Master Data Management (2011 - 2012)

Logistics, Production-Planning in SAP SCM / SAP APO in detail Demand Planning / Supply Chain Management (2008 - 2010 and 2017)

Data-Migration / System-Integration (since 2010)

Training (since 2010)

Project Functions

Software Developer (Database, Rich Clients, Prototypes)

IT Consultant

Business Analyst

SAP Consultant


Test Manager

3rd Level Support

Professional and Technical Experience

Programming- and Script-Languages

Oracle PL-SQL (since 2015) (very good)

Java [Standard Edition] (since 2015) (very good)

Java [Enterprise Edition] (since 2015) (intermediate)

  • JAXB (very good)
  • XML (very good)
  • Spring Batch (intermediate)

SQL (since 2008) (excellent)

  • Oracle (11g, 12g) (since 2013) (excellent)
  • MS SQL Server (2015) (intermediate)
  • MySQL (2005 - 2010) (good)
  • MS Active Data Objects and DAO (since 2010) (excellent)

SAP ABAP (basic)

Regular Expressions (since 2010) (very good)

VBScript (VBS) (since 2010) (excellent)

Visual Basic for Applications (since 2008) (excellent)

VB.NET (2014 - 2015) (good)

CSS and HTML (since 2010) (very good)

JavaScript (basic)

PHP (basic)

Software & Tools

HP ALM Quality Center versions 10, 11, 11.52, 12, 12.21 (since 2010) (excellent in administration and customisation)

RSA IGL, formerly known as IMG or Aveksa versions 6 and 7 (since 2013) (very good)

  • Reporting
  • Rule-Implementation, -Design and -Maintenance
  • Customising of Data Collectors, System Attributes and XML Configuration items like rules, applications and roles
  • Operating and 3rd Lvl Support (globally)

Eclipse IDE (since 2013) (very good)

NetBeans (2017-2018) (intermediate)

GIT (since 2013) (very good)

MS Visual Studio 2012 (2014-2015) (good)

MS SQL Server Studio (2015) (intermediate)

MS Office versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, Office 365 (since 2005) (excellent)

  • Excel 
  • Access
  • Visio
  • Power Point
  • Word
  • Outlook

SAP ERP Modules (2010 - 2013) (good)

  • PP
  • MM
  • SD
  • SAP SCM (APO Demand Planning) 

MS SharePoint (since 2011) (intermediate)

  • MS SharePoint Designer (2011 - 2013)
  • Workflow Automation (2011 - 2013)
  • Administration (since 2018)

SAP Business Warehouse (since 2013) (intermediate)

  • Tester for BW Report development / Migration from legacy system
  • Utilizing BW reports for RichClients

Project List

Deutsche Bank

since 04/2013


IT Consultant

Business Analyst

3rd Lvl Support

Software Developer



Java SE (Rich Client Development)

Java EE (API to consume HP ALM REST Web Service, API to consume RSA IGL XML Configurational and Business Data)

Oracle PL SQL (11g, 12g)

Oracle SQL

Jira & Confluence

Eclipse IDE



HP ALM (Workflow Automation / REST API / OTA API)

HP ALM Administration (versions 11 and 12)

HP ALM Reporting (Dashboards)

Access VBA (DAO and ADO), Excel VBA

Regular Expressions

IT for the business area Identity and Access Governance

  • Separation of Duties (SoD)
  • Changing, challenging roles in different projects and teams
  • Management responsibilities in IT and Operating

Operating / 3rd Lvl Support (global) for a software consisting of pre-processor (Java EE / Spring / Oracle SQL in-house development) and RSA IGL

  • Support and Maintenance for test and productive environments
  • Infrastructure for test and productive environment in cooperation with third party service provider
  • Application Management for test environment, which is used for business tests involving up to 100 stakeholders
  • Weekly configurational updates of the production environment based on business test results
  • Data migration between business test and productive environments
  • Configuration of productive and test environments

Tester in regards to Separation of Duties (SoD) relevant functionalities in RSA IGL as well as the in house developed pre-processor of the user recertification platform

Oracle performance tuning for SQL as well as database server in cooperation with two different third party service providers

  • Coordinating both sides as well as hands on tuning
  • Productive and test environments

 Software developer to compensate missing interfaces between different environments

  • Java SE Rich Client development
  • Java EE technologies like JAXB / XML

Software developer implementing missing functionalities in RSA IGL and in-house pre-processor or audit documentation to support processes for SoD rule testing

  • Oracle PL SQL
  • Java EE Spring Batch / XML
  • VBA
  • HP ALM REST API - Java EE / Java SE / VBScript workflow automation / VBA
  • RSA IGL workflow automation

Design and implementation of Oracle SQL Reports in regards to SoD

  • Audit reports
  • Reports for international stakeholders and the top management
  • Reports to support workflows and automate / replace manual steps

Test and Defect Management for new functions supporting implementation of IT Access and SoD Rules

HP ALM Administration and Workflow Automation / Customisation

Consultancy and support for HP ALM for several teams with over 100 users in different projects

Business Analyst for software changes, reporting and interfaces in regards to SoD on the banks user recertification platform

Implementation, documentation and maintenance of IT Access and SoD rules for surveillance of critical access rights with a scope of over 4.000 applications worldwide

Management responsibilities for central rule changes in case of organisational changes within the bank

  • Leading up to five co-workers in so called sprints to apply changes
  • Automation of several standard changes / Java SE Rich Client / XML

Transition of the User Access and SoD rule implementation from processes handled by external consultants to operational processes taken over by a third party provider including Training of new co-workers

Management and partly implementation of innovations in all processes as well as software that do involve the implementation of SoD rules

Link between external consultants and software developers as well as internal staff

This role requires a strong personality with communicational skills but also a strong technical background

Aegon Netherlands NV

08/2018 - 10/2018


Tester for RSA IGL upgrade

Business Analyst


Oracle SQL


Office 365

Test & Defect Management

Test Execution

Test Planning & Documentation

Tester as well as Test Manager for integration testing of RSA IGL major version upgrade from version 6 to 7 based on existing customization and the IGL release notes within the client's scope.

Reverse engineering custom implemented workflows.

Coordination and planning of infrastructure activities executed by a team located in the United States.

Planning and supporting the setup of UAT and SIT like environments for later integration and business tests.

Technically supporting UAT as well as documenting / planning tests and preparing test data.

Consulting Test Manager on how to test all custom implemented, data driven workflows and other customizations within RSA IGL around the Aegon Joiner / Mover / Leaver process including automated provisioning.

Estimating and planning test runs.

Training of Aegon personal on how to perform meaningful functional tests.

Only available tool for test management, planning and tracking of test execution was Jira.

Review and technical documentation of current Joiner / Mover / Leaver implementation.

Adidas AG

09/2012 - 01/2016

10 h /week


IT Consultant 

Software Developer


SAP RFC (Remote Function Call)

Excel, Access, VBA

SQL, Active Data Objects

TXShuttle (WinShuttle)

MS SharePoint


SAP Batch Input

Consultancy on automating reoccurring workflows and reporting tasks in the Shared Financial Services Department using existing software to speed up processing of requests related to master or transactional data in SAP

Introduction of a software aided process including basic validations to increase efficiency as well as quality in processing requests from other departments involving training of Adidas employees

Software Developer implementing VBA Add-Ins as well as VB.NET tools to aid the new processes

Project and Requirement management

Procter & Gamble (P&G)

02/2013 - 02/2013 


SAP Consultant

Software Developer


SAP RFC (Remote Function Call)

Excel VBA

SQL, Active Data Objects (MS ADO)

Regular Expressions 


Implementation and enhancement of software for automated comparison and validation of SAP list prices as well as business critical SAP SD master data like material determination, maintained units, validity periods etc.

Support for the software as well as data analysis whenever required by the client 

Project- and Requirement-Management



12/2012 - 02/2013


IT Consultant / Software Developer


SAP RFC (Remote Function Call)

Excel, VBA

MS SharePoint


Regular Expressions 

Consultancy on a possible implementation of an international concept of Financial Reporting including re-gional and entity based breakdowns of Scorecards using SAP Business Objects

Development of a useable prototype for several international users utilizing MS Excel VBA and SharePoint for more detailed testing of the concept and design on a daily basis

Project and Requirement Management

Merck KGaA

09/2012 - 12/2012



Software Developer


SAP RFC (Remote Function Call)

Excel VBA

SQL, MS ADO (Active Data Objects)

SAP BW Analyser

Tester for custom developments of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in SAP BW (Business Warehouse) in an IT Support environment

Understanding up to 50 different KPIs is key to this role as they had to be validated against a legacy system provided by IBM using the SAP BW Analyzer as well as database exports that have to be pulled using SQL

The Tester has to support the developers in defect analysis

This role has to manage Testing as well as Defects without a proper Test Management tool in a very chal-lenging environment with ad hoc testing

Closing the gap between the new SAP Business Warehouse and legacy Excel reports based on the IBM leg-acy system by developing and enhancing an existing Excel Add-In for reporting on history data from SAP BW

Test automation for Regression Testing

Procter & Gamble

08/2012 - 10/2012


SAP Consultant

Software Developer


SAP RFC (Remote Function Call)

Excel VBA

SQL, MS ADO (Active Data Objects)

Regular Expressions 

Design and development of software for automated comparison and validation of SAP list prices as well as business critical SAP master data like material determination, z-tables, units of measures, validity periods etc.

Support zu Anwendung und Datenanalyse

This role has to provide Support for the software, user trainings as well as documentation and aid in data analysis as needed

Project and Requirement Management

Procter & Gamble

03/2011 - 07/2012


IT Consultant

3rd Level Support

Software Developer


HP ALM Quality Center

Oracle SQL, MS ADO (Active Data Objects)

SAP Remote Function Call

Excel, Access, VBA, VBS

Office (2003, 2007, 2010)


Regular Expressions

MS SharePoint, MS SharePoint Designer

Global Application Management Team

Administration and Support for HP Quality Center 10 and HP ALM 11

This role is responsible for developing and enhancing the existing P&G Testing Solution based on HP ALM

It involves the following key responsibilities supporting over 120 testing software projects world wide

  • Migration from HP QC 10 to HP ALM 11
  • Cross Project Customising to automate operational tasks during roll out of changes in several 100 software projects tracked in HP ALM
  • Workflow Automatisation / Customising using VBS
  • User and role maintenance (access rights / entitlements)
  • Management and solving of defects in HP ALM as well as custom company specific HP ALM Excel Interfaces
  • Support for projects in regards to technology and testing
  • Consultancy on test management
  • Mainly second level support but also first level support when needed
  • Trainings on the company specific testing solution and HP ALM in general

Enhancement of the “P&G Testing Tools” and handover of the finished solution to HP (India)

Design and implementation of tracking and reporting tools

Implementation of an alternative user interface to HP ALM utilizing Excel VBA and the HP QC OTA API to increase efficiency in Testing and Defect Management

Developing a MS SharePoint / Access based solution for global surveillance of IT projects and reporting based on information provided by stakeholders to application management via SharePoint

Project and Requirement Management in close cooperation with stakeholders in big testing projects

Procter & Gamble (USA / DACH)

International SAP SD Rollout replacing a legacy system

Enhancement of software for automated validation of SAP master data

Procter & Gamble (DACH)

Development of software for automated comparison and validation of business-critical SAP prices and master data

This role involves in depth understanding of SAP specific master data and pricing concepts as well as the underlying data model in SAP

Procter & Gamble Headquarter (USA - OHIO)

02/2011 - 02/2011


SAP Consultant

Software Developer


SQL, Active Data Objects

SAP SD, SAP Remote Function Call

Excel, Access, VBA, Office 2007


This role is responsible for designing and developing a software to migrate master data from a legacy system into SAP SD in an automated manner.

The technical consultant has to advice on how invalid data in the legacy system can be identified automatically and assist the business in data cleansing.

One additional key responsibility is Requirement Management in close cooperation with the client as well as external consultants.

This role must test concepts and data models provided by the client against SAP master data model and report errors to the client explaining what needs to be implemented in a different way and why.

Furthermore, the developed software has to be handed over to the client by training a provided resource on how to customize the tool.

Procter & Gamble (P&G)

11/2010 - 02/2011


Test Manager / IT Consultant


SQL, MS ADO (Active Data Objects)

HP ALM - HPQC (Quality Center)

Excel, Access, VBA, Office 2007


Working in the international SAP SD implementation to replace a legacy system with SAP SD.

This role is taking responsibility as a Test Manager for the rollout into DACH in the Test Management Team.

Key responsibility is creation of reports as well as tracking and assisting international teams reporting into this role in regards to planning and completing testing as well as defect tracking.

This role is responsible to ensure the test data is reflecting the current test progress as well as defect status.

Reporting into Project leads.

Procter & Gamble

05/2010 - 10/2010


IT Consultant

Software Developer


SQL, MS ADO (Active Data Objects)

HP ALM - HPQC (Quality Center) version 10

Excel, VBA, Office 2007

Working in the Global Application Management Team this role is responsible for developing and enhancing the existing P&G Testing Solution based on HP ALM Quality Center.

Optimisation and enhancement of existing HP ALM Quality Center Solution.

Implementation of an alternative user interface to HP ALM Quality Center utilizing Excel VBA and the HP ALM QC OTA API to increase efficiency in Testing and Defect Management in all areas like Test Management, Reporting, Test Execution, Defect Management, Defect Resolution.

Parallel Support HP ALM - HPQC (Quality Center) und P&G Testing Solution.

Fachhochschule Südwestfalen (university)

11/2009 - 04/2010


SAP APO Consultant


SAP SCM APO DP (Demand Planning)

SQL, MS ADO (Active Data Objects)

Excel, Access, VBA, Office 2007


Initial configuration of SAP APO Demand Planning for usage in tutorials and classes

Creation of teaching material for forecasting utilizing SAP APO DP (Demand Planning)

Validation of SAP APO DP configuration against own software for automated timeline analysis and classification for automated selection of the “fittest” forecasting model

Hands on training for professors to enable them to teach usage of SAP APO DP

Creation of User Documentation for configuration as well as usage

Holding first class to demonstrate SAP APO usage for forecasting

Braun GmbH

12/2008 - 04/2009


SAP Consultant - Logistics and Planning

Software Developer



SQL, MS ADO (Active Data Objects)

Excel, Access, VBA, Office 2003, 2007  


Key responsibility is the optimization of the material planning of spare parts in SAP.

Introduction of a software aided process for optimization of inventories and initial determination of SAP planning parameters like safety and reorder points.

This role has to train the scheduler on how to utilize newly introduced software and SAP in order to calculate and maintain optimal planning parameters on a daily basis.

Design and development of a software providing automated timeline analysis as well as selection of matching forecasting models based on mathematical algorithms for error evaluation in forecasts using the ex-post methodology.

The consultant has to work closely with the planner as well as the head of logistics responsible for DACH in order to optimise material planning and changing corresponding processes.

Fachhochschule Südwestfalen (university)

09/2005 - 08/2008


Permanent employee working as graduate assistant for informatics


Java SE


Regular Expressions 

Excel, Access, VBA, Office 2003 

Leading classes as well as tutorials in informatics

In parallel creation of teaching materials for SAP and logistics

Tutor for Java SE, basics in informatics, IT systems, algorithms and data structures