SQL Anywhere

A category I only created to collect articles regarding SAP SQL Anywhere (former Watcom SQL).

This is a small, proprietary, all purpose database, originally developed by a company called Sybase which has been taken over SAP.

The most current version of SQL Anywhere is version 17.

You might come across older, rich client software, which uses an SQL Anywhere database. At least I was unfortunate enough :0), which is why I am writing some articles related to this.

So, ...  I like to try new things and since I had to migrate an old version of an SQL Anywhere database into an open source database, I thought I might as well do it the fun way.

I will write a little Java Spring Batch Applicaiton in order to move the data from SQL Anywhere into MariaDB in a professional way.

In this article you can learn how to connect your client to an SQL Anywhere database using Java.

Recently my dad retired from running his own business as master wood worker. He ran an old business software specializing in supporting invoiving, creation of offers, address database and so on for small businesses.

This software happened to be based on an older version of SAP SQL Anywhere. 

Now my dad asked me to help him in backing up the address data as well as his old invoices, since he is required by law to keep them for up to 10 years.

Go to Tools (Extras in German) and select the sub-menu SQL Anywhere 16 or 17.

Select menu item Create database ... (Datenbank erstellen ... in German).

In Sybase Database Central select the SQL Anywhere 16 or 17 context and then click on Services.

Right click into the pane below and select New > Service ... from the context menu.