HP ALM Workflow VBScript

This category will provide articles regarding usage of Visual Basic Script in the workflow module of HP ALM.

Whenever you are interested in ALM Quality Center audit history you have various choices of getting the information.

One way of extracting history information from the database is using the Excel reporting functionality of the HP ALM Quality Center Dashboard.

First create a new Excel Report in the Analysis View of the Dashboard (see documentation library of HP ALM on details how to create such a report).

In the tab Configuration you will find the Query Builder, which allows querying the underlying database server of ALM Quality Center using SQL.

This is a nice feature, if you have to apply more complex analysis. Especially analysis on history information will require accessing audit tables either through the HP ALM OTA API or through SQL or both.

Below method can be used in order to calculate work (working / business) days in VBScript ignoring bank holidays.

Version History

Version  Date  Description 
0.1  2014-11-12 Initial commit.
0.2  2015-05-20  Replaced the old algorithm with a smarter solution, which is also regarding the fact that the start date can be younger than an end date. 

Source Code

If you have to apply filters in HP ALM programmatically the following function allows you to escape characters in filter strings, which cause runtime errors if not handled properly.

Source Code