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Recently I had to export some PL SQL packages from an Oracle databse into flat files.

Before I was always exporting them using the "Export..." function available from the context menu of a package.

These exports were either incomplete because I did not tick the option "Export dependencies" in the export dialog or if I did tick the option, the tool exported also scripts to create objects like referenced tables and sequences.

Both options were not satisfying and led to me having to carefully manually edit the exported script files. This would mean to execute something on the target system without having tested it. In summary I did not feel comfortable and save with this export dialog.

Therefore I searched for another option and it is pretty obvious. Right click on a package and select "Package-Spezifikation und Body speichern...". This option will be named different depending on your SQL Developers language settings.

Since I sometimes have to filter for Strings, which might contain ampassants I was browsing google to find a solution for escaping ampasant in SQL Developer.

Unfortunately the solution on the Oracle documentation using escape characters like \ or {} did not work maybe because of some invalid settings.

Finally I found a way.

My SQL skills are good and I rarely faced major performance issues yet when using a real database. MS Access: Yeah of course I had performance issues, but I could most times solve them by aggregating data in temp tables as soon as possible. On a real database server even running only locally on a laptop I never had issues. Maybe because I always try to follow some basics, like using indices or appropriate joins and of course testing properly. Another reason might be that we have a pretty sick database server, which others would envy us for :0).

Today a new functionality I implemented should have gone live, but it did not pass User Acceptance Testing as the performance was very bad. What should have ran only a few minutes, did not finish within three hours and we had to kill the session.

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