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Whenever I have to write data into a text file following function has proven to fulfill my needs.

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In case you want to export a file in Unicode encoding you just hand True for the parameter isUtf16Le, which will cause the FileSystemObject to encode the file in UTF-16 with low byte order mark (little endian).

If you want to export a collection of type Scripting.Dictionary into a text file the below function may come handy.

The following code snippet will show you how to use regular expressions in VBA.

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This category will hold articles regarding developement in Excel VBA. It will serve as a wiki and an Excel VBA Framework for myself.

Some development tasks reoccur for every customer. Since I am a lazy bum it will be nice to have a central source where I can reuse source code from.

This category holds articles regarding general things in MS Office VBA independent from the MS Office application.  

This category holds articles regarding Access VBA, but also general things I come accross Access and its usage in companies.