Oracle PL SQL

A category holding articles for Oracles programming language PL SQL.

Stored Procedures and Functions are sometimes referred to as Stored Procedures. The difference between Stored Procedures and Functions is simple. Functions have to return values, Stored Procedures do not return anything. They just do stuff.

Stored Procedures do not execute DDL Statements. Creating database objects like tables at runtime is a bad idea since this should be defined by a datamodel. If you try to create a Procedure with DDL Statements it will not compile.

Recently I had to check over and over again, if tables, which I needed for testing are existing in an Oracle database.

Since checking for existance and completion repeatedly involved the same tasks I decided to implement little PL SQL script, which does the task for me.


In order to select a value / a result from a query into a variable in PL SQL, you can use the following syntax.