The below method takes a technical field name of an HP ALM BUG field and a corresponding filter condition like a bug id and returns a bug uniquely identified by handed filter condition.

Source Code

' @Author - Alexander Bolte
' @ChangeDate - 2015-01-07
' @Description - Returns an object of type Bug, if the provided filter
' returns only one defect.
' @Param idField - a String providing the technical field name of the field
' a filter should be set up for.
' @Param id - an unique identifier for one defect in current ALM Defect module.
' @Returns an object of type Bug, if one unique bug could be identified.
' Else Nothing is returned. In case of any error Nothing is returned.
Function getBugByField(idField, id)
  Dim BugF ' As BugFactory
  Dim bg ' As Bug
  Dim BugList ' As IList

  On Error Resume Next

  ' Preset bg to Nothing.
  Set bg = Nothing
  ' Setting the bug factory.
  Set BugF = TDConnection.BugFactory

  ' Creating the filter to search for rule id.
  Set fltr = BugF.Filter
  fltr.Filter(idField) = checkCondition(id)
  Set BugList = fltr.NewList()

  If BugList.Count = 1 Then
     Set bg = BugList.Item(1)
  End If

  If Err.Number <> 0 Then
     Set bg = Nothing
  End If
  Set bugList = Nothing
  Set bugF = Nothing

  Set getBugByField = bg
End Function

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