If you need to get the parent directory of a given path to a file or a directory, the following function might help.

Not the best performance I have to admit since it is relying on String operations.

Source Code

' @Author - Alexander Bolte
' @ChangeDate - 2015-02-10
' @Description - Returns the path to a parent directory for a handed path.
' @Param path - a String providing a path to a directory or a file.
' @Returns a String providing a path to a parent directory including the
' last path delimiter. If an error occurs, an empty String is returned.
Function getParentDirectoryPath(path) ' As String
  Dim dirPath ' As String
  Dim splitted ' As String
  Dim i ' As Integer

  On Error Resume Next

  dirPath = ""
  splitted = split(path, "\")
  For i = lBound(splitted) To uBound(splitted) - 1
     dirPath = dirPath & splitted(i) & "\"

  If Err.Number <> 0 Then
     dirPath = ""
  End If

  getParentDirectoryPath = dirPath
End Function