Oracle Database

Since I sometimes have to filter for Strings, which might contain ampassants I was browsing google to find a solution for escaping ampasant in SQL Developer.

Unfortunately the solution on the Oracle documentation using escape characters like \ or {} did not work maybe because of some invalid settings.

Finally I found a way.

Unfortunately you will not always have all rights on the database you would want or need to fulfill your tasks.

Especially when you have to do performance tuning on Queries and you do not have the right to use the Oracle Advisor you can get frustrated because the DBA is not available as you only do stuff on a UAT or even SIT. "Sorry, the DBA is busy with PRD." Nice!

When in addition your company decided to switch off automated update of statistics for the Optimizer, you want to pull out your hair.

After a long time I started Oracle SQL Developer and received an error message stating that my password for the current Oracle Express database connection will expire soon.

In order to change a users password using the Oracle SQL Developer execute the following command.


ALTER USER user_name IDENTIFIED BY new_password;



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