Recently I searched for the possibility of creating a new sql worksheet in SQL Developer without having to save it.

I searched through the menus and finally found the command.

In order to prevent me having to search long next time, I will start noting down shortcuts to my most used commands in SQL Developer.

Shortcut Description  Key Combination 
Open new SQL worksheet to write (temporary) queries in. Alt + F10
Formatting SQL Queries for selected source code. Ctrl. + F7
Toggle the case (Upper/Lower/Initcap). Ctrl. + '(Single Quote)
Execute a PL SQL Procedure Ctrl. + F10
Compile a PL SQL Package Ctrl. + F8


I am primarily a Windows user, since at work we have to use Microsoft. 

However, privately I own a MAC Book and I am pretty annoyed with learning new shortcuts all over.

Anyway, below you will find a small list of helpful shortcuts.

Below I will keep all shortcuts, which I find useful in Visual Studio 2012.


Description Shortcut
Jump to definition of currently selected variable or method. F12
Switch between code modules, classes and so on. Ctrl. + Tab.
Create a new element comment. Type in three times ' in a short period while selecting line directly above a property or method.